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Öst Nori Advokatbyrå AB is a law firm specialized in asylum and migration law as well as family law, criminal law and medical rights/rights in health care.
Our office is located in Solna Centrum.

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We assist you who have been forced to leave your home country to seek protection in Sweden.


We help you with legal issues regarding your family.


We assist both you who have been subjected to a crime as well as you who are in need of a public or private defender.


We also help you with medical rights and rights in healthcare.

Our services


Öst Nori Advokatbyrå AB represents you who have been forced to flee from your home country and seek protection in Sweden. We also assist you want to apply for a residence permit due to famliy ties, work or studies as well as you who want to apply for Swedish citizenship.

If there are new circumstances in your case, we can assist you with an application for enforcement. Öst Nori Advokatbyrå AB also helps you who have been put in custody.

In cases regarding asylum and migration law, you often have the right to a public lawyer of your choice. Then the cost of your lawyer will stay on the state. You are entitled to choose who you want as your lawyer. Öst Nori Advokatbyrå AB also works as a private representative in all types of cases regarding residence permits.
Öst Nori Advokatbyrå AB has solid experience in working with all grounds for residence permits for adults and children. Please contact us for more information.


Öst Nori Advokatbyrå AB offers legal representation regarding family law.

When a family is dissolved, questions about the children's accommodation and custody may arise. Commonly, economic issues such as who will remain in the housing and partition of joint propetry are also common. In case of disagreement these questions can be resolved by court. We are happy to represent you.

We also help you with other family law related questions such as prenuptial agreements and wills. Please contact Öst Nori Advokatbyrå for more information and advice.


Öst Nori Advokatbyrå assists in criminal proceedings both as plaintiff's attorney and public/private defender. We also represent children who have been subjected to a crime or otherwise have been abused or neglected. If you have been exposed to a crime or if your are suspected of a crime, you are entitled to request a lawyer. Please contact Öst Nori Advokatbyrå for more information and advice.


We also help you with medical rights and rights in healthcare.

About Us

With Öst Nori Advokatbyrå AB you are represented by a lawyer with great experience, thorough knowledge and a strong commitment. The client's interest is obtained in every way and we stand by your side throughout the legal process.

Linn Öst Nori
- Lawyer, owner -
Email: linn@ostnoriadvokatbyra.com
Mobile: +070 727 75 39 XNUMX
Language: Swedish, English
Fiola Mollakuqe
- Assosiate lawyer -
E-mail: fiola@ostnoriadvokatbyra.com
Mobile: +079 074 22 61 XNUMX
Languages: Swedish, English, Albanian
Anton Östros
- Assosiate lawyer -
Email: anton@ostnoriadvokatbyra.com
Mobile: +073 762 99 98 XNUMX
Language: Swedish, English


Öst Nori Advokatbyrå AB continuously accepts applications for employment at the agency. You who have passed a law degree and have a burning interest in human rights in general, as well as migration and human rights, in particular as family law and criminal matters, are welcome to send your application to the agency. Are you attending a lawyer or paralegal and want a practical insight into the work of a human law lawyer? We regularly accept applications for internship at the agency. You are welcome to send your application for employment / internship with personal letter and CV by e-mail to: linn@ostnoriadvokatbyra.com

Contact us

By phone, email or send a message via our form.

+46 8-50586524
Solna Torg 19, XNUMXth floor
(inside Solna Centrum)
171 45 Solna

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